This is for all the punks who were there back then – and for all those still making it happen.

Occasionally, this site will post current news stories - although no promises about their timeliness - but it's main purpose is as an archive of "No Cause for Concern?" fanzine, pubished in 1982-1984 (see "THE ZINE" link on the left).

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Current News:

I'd originally posted a link to a festival that seems to be getting lot of bad press right now for making the lesser known local bands 'pay to play'. Fuck that shit. Here are two links to articles on the situation: The Ottawa Citizen, and vakarme.org. It's a real shame bands like Flag, the Descendants and Social Distortion would be okay with that. Hopefully they just weren't aware of the situation.

Everyone knows who Flag is right? And that they're touring? Do I even need to say they'll be playing [some shitty festival] in Montebello on Saturday June 15, 2013? Because they are. (They're also playing NXNE the Friday before.)

Maximum RocknRoll interviewed former NCFC contributer Julia a while back for a retrospective article on a compilation tape she and Colleen Howe put out in 1985.

The compilation tape, "Matrax" was a collection of female-only, or mostly female bands including three Ottawa bands. The article (including all the tracks on the tape) can be found here.


Upcoming Shows:

There isn't anything coming up relating to the 1982–1985 time of this 'zine that I'm aware of, but that doesn't mean much. I totally forgot to post about the Dayglo Abortions show that took place last Friday... damn... If you know of any shows by bands from this era taking place in Ottawa (or nearby) please let me know .

Meanwhile, Die Kreuzen and the Toxic Reasons are playing shows again and if we're lucky, they might do something within a decent distance. Either band would definitely be worth travelling for.


N.C.F.C. Interviews:

Installment #3: Jo Capitalicide of Germ Attak.

Installment #2 of the new N.C.F.C. interviews: Dave "Tufty" Clough + Vess Ruhtenberg of Zero Boys were interviewed October 10, 2010, in Chicago before their set at Riot Fest.

Installment #1 of the new N.C.F.C. interviews: John Stabb of Government Issue (1980–1989).

John Stabb was interviewed by N.C.F.C. in December 1983 [read it here] and it seemed appropriate to talk to him again nearly 27 years later on the eve of his band's reunion taking place December 11, 2010, in D.C.

Old news: N.C.F.C.'s MySpace page and Facebook Group.


If you hear of any Ottawa (or nearby) shows involving bands or musicians that relate to the early '80s punk scene, send the info and it'll get posted.

And there's always interest in old bands reforming, and rumours are everywhere. Give us the details.



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